All Sigma Sport Lenses

All Sigma Sport Lenses

All Sigma Sport Lenses

Sigma S (Sigma Sport)


ruler DG (for full-frame SLR cameras), Nikon F, Canon EF, Sigma SA mounts:

  1. Sigma 500/4 DGOS | S (Sport) [16/11, September 2016]
  2. Sigma 60-600/4.5-6.3 DG OS | S (Sport) [25/19, September 2018]
  3. Sigma TBU DGOS | S (Sport) [24/22, September 2018] [AliExpress]
  4. Sigma TBU DGOS | S (Sport) [23/18, September 2012]
  5. Sigma 150-600/5-6.3 DGOS | S (Sport) [24/16, September 2014] [AliExpress]


ruler DG DN (for full-frame mirrorless cameras), mounts Sony E, Leica l:

  1. Sigma 150-600/5-6.3 DG DN OS | S (Sport) [25/15, August 2021]
  2. Sigma 60-600/4.5-6.3 DG DN OS | S (Sport) [27/19, January 2023]

Additionally, you can look at all lenses SIGMA ART (A) и all lenses SIGMA CONTEMPORARY (C). Here here there is a short video about the rulers and markings of Sigma lenses.

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