How to choose the right boiler for an apartment

Boiler for apartment

Boiler for apartment

How to choose the right boiler for an apartment

When choosing a boiler for an apartment, pay attention to its parameters. Water heaters are flowing and storage. Each type has its own parameters and nuances of use. It will not be superfluous to inquire about the power consumption, because not in all houses the electrical wiring will withstand a heavy load. An important factor is the level of water hardness.

What to consider first

When choosing a water heater, you must first decide on its type. If you have natural gas in your home, consider purchasing a natural gas boiler. But keep in mind that you will have to coordinate the installation of such equipment with the relevant services.

An electric water heater is another matter. For its installation, no permits are required, but there are also nuances here. Storage and instantaneous boilers have different parameters and electricity consumption.

In any case, before buying, you need to decide on the required volume of water heaters and the nuances of their work. The amount of water heated by a flow-through boiler depends on its power. In this case, you need to understand - the more powerful the device, the more electricity it needs. Average consumption is 2-10 kW. Agree, not every wiring will withstand this. If the power is more than 3 kW, it is necessary to install a three-phase electric meter, it may be necessary to put new wires.

Another thing is with storage water heaters. The power of their heating elements is on average from 0,5 to 3 kW. An ordinary single-phase meter will cope with such a consumption. But before you buy a storage device, you need to decide on the required volume of the tank.

Where to hide the boiler if there is not enough space

Where to hide the boiler if there is not enough space

Where to hide the boiler if there is not enough space

The easiest way to install is next to the plumbing (kitchen, toilet or bathroom). But often boilers are also installed in the hallway or corridor. How to hide them so as not to spoil the interior? Let's take a look at the options.

  1. Box. It can be solid, full wall or half. You can make it yourself or purchase a finished product with the required dimensions.
  2. Niche behind the toilet. By installing a boiler in it, you do not have to think about how to close the equipment on the sides. It is enough to install the front bar here.
  3. Mezzanine. Nuance! You can only install horizontal equipment, because a vertical water heater simply does not fit.
  4. Niche under the kitchen window. Remember that you will need to carry out maintenance on the boiler in a timely manner. Do not forget to provide an inspection hatch or hinged door.
  5. Wall or wardrobe. You can purchase a ready-made boiler by the dimensions, or make it yourself.
  6. Floor stand. It can accommodate a compact boiler, if it is accumulative, then with a volume of no more than 30 liters.

Again, not every water heater can be hidden. There are models in 400-500 liters, which require a separate room.

Volume of the tank

This is an important indicator that affects the choice of a storage water heater. Before buying a boiler, you need to decide on the number of family members permanently living in the apartment and using hot water.

  1. In order to wash or wash the dishes, 10 liters of hot water is enough. Such a water heater can be installed near a sink or in a cabinet.
  2. For those living alone and preferring a shower, a 20-30 liter boiler will be enough, but if you like to soak up the bathtub, buy a 40-50 liter container.
  3. For a family of 1-2 people, you can purchase a 50 liter boiler. But, if you have small children, choose a volume of up to 100 liters, because they constantly need hot water.
  4. For large families of 5 or more people, the volume of the tank should be at least 100 liters. the more the better. However, here you also need to take into account the possibilities of space for placing the container.

Also, when choosing a water heater, you need to take into account the number of water intake points. If this is only one kitchen, a small tank is enough, but the higher the consumption, the more spacious the appliance should be.

What to look for when choosing

What to look for when choosing a boiler

What to look for when choosing a boiler

Please Note Before Purchasing:

  • water heating method - flow or storage;
  • the required volume of the tank (depends on the points of water intake and the number of people living in the apartment);
  • boiler reliability;
  • the number of heating elements and containers inside the tank;
  • manufacturer's warranty;
  • design and installation methods.

It is good if you purchase a unit with additional functions. Among them:

  • protection against water freezing;
  • antibacterial coating;
  • possibility of remote control via Wi-Fi;
  • energy saving function, etc.

Another very useful feature is water heater with timer... You can program it for a certain time and, for example, by your arrival from work or arrival from the sea, there will be a full boiler of hot water.

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