Adapter Contax / Yashica-Canon EOS (C / Y-EOS)

C / Y-EOS adapter

C / Y-EOS adapter

The adapter (adapter) Contax / Yashica-Canon EOS is used to install lenses with Contax / Yashica mount on Canon EOS cameras (including digital-mirror ones). I usually use similar adapters without a chip, but you can find them on sale as well. Chip adapter allows more precise metering exposuretransmit value EXIF into the camera, and also gives confirmation of focus when focusing.

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Adapter Contax / Yashica-Canon EOS

Lens Contax / Yashica-Canon EOS adapter Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8 / 135 T * C / Y

Typically, such adapters are made of metal, they are very easy to mount on the lens or camera. The adapter does not use corrective lenses, and therefore in no way affects the image quality. The aperture value is selected using a special ring on the lens. True, the adapter does not allow you to automatically control the diaphragm (jumping the diaphragm with such lenses does not work).

Contax / Yashica Adapter - Canon EOS

View of the Contax / Yashica adapter - Canon EOS on a Canon EOS camera 350D Digital

When using the C / Y-EOS adapter, it is possible to focus on infinity, while the scale of the focusing distance on the lens (marks in meters or feet on the lens body) correctly displays the focusing range, exactly as when using on the 'native' Contax / cameras Yashica.

When using adapters without a chip, the Canon EOS cameras independently measure exposure at the set aperture value. The easiest way to use lenses with a Contax / Yashica mount in aperture priority mode 'Av'. Usually such an adapter can be found for inexpensive :)

Where can I buy

The cheapest adapters can be found For example, such an adapter can buy here.

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Comments: 9, on the topic: Adapter Contax / Yashica-Canon EOS (C / Y-EOS)

  • Lancet

    Do you have such adapters for Nikon?

  • !!

    Is it possible to put this optics on the M42 (Sony A) without serious napilling? And I didn’t google the adapters.

  • Pastor

    I have just from the review Zeiss 135 2.8 with such an adapter. Unfortunately, I had to buy it complete with a chip that is lying. I advise you to take either without a chip, or you should check it properly before buying. One thing pleases me, my chip is always lying in one direction, so you can adjust ...

  • anonym

    Here you can take without waiting for delivery

  • Igor_K

    I would like to note that this adapter allows you to use C \ Y mount lenses only on cropped Canon cameras. On the “full-frame” “first-shot”, when trying to install, problems arise - the leash of the diaphragm pusher rests against the frame of the carcass, and does not allow to put the adapter with the lens on the camera normally. I think that in this case, an irreversible “modification” of the lens will be needed, albeit a simple one.

  • Velimir

    Will such an adapter fit Jupiter-8m from Kyiv-4?

    • Arkady Shapoval


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