List of all TTArtisan lenses

All TTArtisan lenses

All TTArtisan lenses

All TTArtisan lenses 

For mirrorless full-frame cameras:

  1. TTArtisan 11 mm F / 2.8 Fisheye [E, Z, RF, L, Leica M]
  2. TTArtisan 21 mm F / 1.5 DJ-OPTICAL [E, Z, RF, L, Leica M, black / silver]
  3. TTArtisan 35 mm F / 1.4 DJ-OPTICAL [Leica M only, black / silver + '24K GOLD SKIN Limited']
  4. TTArtisan 50 mm F / 1.4 M ASPH. DJ-OPTICAL [Leica M only]
  5. TTArtisan 50 mm F / 0.95 DJ-OPTICAL ASPH [Leica M only, black / silver + 'Silver Black'+'Red Ox 2021 Limited']
  6. TTArtisan 90 mm F / 1.25 M DJ-OPTICAL [Leica M only]

For mirrorless cropped cameras:

  1. TTArtisan 35 mm F / 1.4 DJ-OPTICAL [L, E, X, EF-M, Z, M4 / 3, black / silver]
  2. TTArtisan 50 mm F / 1.2 DJ-OPTICAL [L, E, X, EF-M, Z, M4 / 3]


  • EF-M: Canon EF-M
  • L: Leica L (Leica T, Leica TL, Leica SL)
  • E: Sony E / FE
  • X: Fujifilm X
  • M4 / 3: Micro 4/3
  • RF: Canon RF
  • Z: Nikon Z

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List of all lenses 7Artisans you can see here.

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